• unite bold and active people from Estonia and abroad who appreciate Estonian history and culture
  • educate club members on Estonian history and greatest historic figures
  • organize relevant cultural and historical events
  • value and highlight modern people from Estonia and abroad who have helped to make Estonia known around the world in the field of history, culture, business etc. and/or to restore Estonian historical cultural heritage
  • important parts of the activities are trips to major European and other regions’ cities, the purpose of which is to offer members opportunities to meet with entrepreneurs and cultural persons related to Estonia and for whom promotion of Estonia on global arena has been of importance

Club`s principles of action

Two-three times a year events in Estonia or abroad:

    • in the beginning of ayear annual New Year’s Eve ballat Keila-Joa Manor Schloss Fall. In 2019 with mezzo-soprano Annely Peebo and Oliver Kuusik, the soloist of the Estonian National Opera. In 2018 with jazz pianist Holger Marjamaa and Classical Stars. In 2017, with Vienna String Quartet; in 2016 with Maria Theatre soloists from St. Petersburg and in 2015 with the soloists from the Estonian National Opera.
    • foreign cultural trips to different countries to meet Estonian-related entrepreneurs and cultural figures: St. Petersburg in 2015, Vienna in 2016 and London in 2017. 2018 to Japan and 2019 to Paris.
    • to grant the honorary order of Barclayde Tolly Club – the Medal of Honor and Glory of Estonia. The first medal has been awarded to Indrek Laul, the piano virtuoso and the owner of Estonian Piano factory. The medal was presented by Arvo Pärt – the most performed living composer in the world. In 2017, the medal was granted to the opera diva mezzo soprano Annely Peebo who has more than 20 years presented Estonia at top opera arenas around the world. In 2018, the award was given to the sumo wrestler Kaido Höövelson, or Baruto, who is one of the best known Estonians abroad and also a TV star. In 2019, the order was awarded to Maestro Neeme Järvi. The orders are made by Tenzo Jewellery House.


The club member can be a person who is willing to actively contribute to the implementation of the club’s aims and follows the requirements of the Statute. The Club’s presidency shall make a decisionon the club’s new membership. The club members shall pay the membership fee through participating in the events.


Club’s presidency

Kristel Meos, Siret Liivamägi, Andrei Dvorjaninov, Siim Kabrits, Priit Pihelpuu

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